My life

If i were to describe my life with one word, it will be awesome.

In my life, I have met many awesome things in life, which includes the amazing people who have appeared into my life. No matter they are wonderful family, good friends, friends or strangers who have walked past me. Although I have come across alot of things in my life, regardless good or bad, I’m actually thankful that I came into this world and live this life. There are just so many things worth me spending my time to do.

Things can be harsh sometimes, but looking at the positive way, it is probably one thing that make us grow through time. That is what we call experiences. Good or bad, it forms experience which will be useful in life, and makes another story for us to share to people around us; to learn from our mistakes, to learn from our success.

Being young, I have many stories to share. However, I believe there will be more to come. and I’m pretty excited of what’s going to arrive in my life and I will accept it in my life.

Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments. 

Thank you 😉


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