Life’s Ifs

Been thinking alot and realised the number of IFs in people’s lives including mine of course.

Have you ever think that what if life can just restart?

What if time can just go back?

Maybe after examinations, you will be thinking about ,

What if I have studied harder?

And when you did something wrong or something that made you regret,

You probably be wishing that it did not happen.

Life’s full of regret, if you look at the pessimistic side.

But what if you look at the optimistic side 😉

What if you realised there are so many things you could have done rather than sitting there and complaining.

What if you realised there are many pillar of support behind you when you are feeling low.

What if you have done something even more bad than what you did that you think was wrong.

The number of IFs if life just got me thinking. If life wasn’t full of If, what could have it been like?

And I found a pretty quote that suits what im thinking. hehe 😀


We spend too much time living in the ‘what if’ and need to learn to live in the ‘what is.’
Rev. Leroy Allison

SO from today onwards, perhaps, what is is something we need to think of, rather than what if.

Life’s too awesome. 😉

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